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LANA C. KEETON filing Amicus Curae Brief in 
Petition for Re-Hearing in 
4th Circuit Court of Appeals Case No. 15-2118

Please support my work to stop the EVIL that is MESH!

Dear Meshie Friends,

I personally am petitioning the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to file an Amicus Curae brief to stop Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson in their petition for re-hearing of the Huskey v. Ethicon Case No. 15-2118. This is serious and affects all cases filed in the Transvaginal MDL’s in the Southern District of West Virginia before Judge Joseph Goodwin. Ethicon’s Petition is attached. I have personal knowledge and legal expertise to debunk their position, related to the FDA.

1.      1.       The prolene suture is not the same as the heavyweight prolene mesh used in the TVT-O.

2.      2.       The FDA did not hold its Ob-Gyn Panel meeting September 8-9, 2011 because of lawsuits. Truth in Medicine and my meetings with the FDA presenting scientific evidence of the complications of Polypropylene mesh, in addition to the over 6,000 adverse events filed by mesh injured women, precipitated the meeting and the warnings issued July 13, 2011.

3.     3.      Ethicon completely misrepresents the FDA’s 510(k) PreMarket Notification clearance process. I testified before the Institute of Medicine multiple times in 2010 and am fully aware of the actual legal process.

4.      4.       An FDA employee involved in the clearance of many of Ethicon’s mesh products has also worked for, and been paid by, Ethicon for over 20 years. I have absolute proof of this.

For your information:
1.       Amicus Curiae. Latin for "friend of the court." Frequently, a person or group who is not a party to a lawsuit, but has a strong interest in the matter, will petition the court for permission to submit a brief in the action with the intent of influencing the court's decision.

The situation most often noted in the press is when an advocacy group files a brief in a case before an appellate court to which it is not a litigant. Appellate cases are normally limited to the factual record and arguments coming from the lower court case under appeal; attorneys focus on the facts and arguments most favorable to their clients. Where a case may have broader implications, amicus curiae briefs are a way to introduce those concerns, so that the possibly broad legal effects of court decisions will not depend solely on the parties directly involved in the case.

I need your financial support to do this work. 10 years ago when I created Medical Mesh Device Action Center, I was 59. Today I am 69. 

Please go to my website,  home page to make a donation using paypal (can also use credit/debit card from the paypal button) to my work which has been totally financed by myself for over 10 years. 

I need your financial support to help hundreds of thousands of women worldwide already injured and to stop the ongoing widespread use of a mesh product that mutilates women internally.

Together we will defeat the EVIL that is mesh. God bless you all!

Yours truly,
Lana C. Keeton
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Peace be with You.
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