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Jane Akre is not passionate about Mesh Medical Device News Desk. It is just a means to an end. An Income.

Jane Akre has no mission statement. The site just states...."putting a face on adverse events". What average person who has not been injured by drugs or devices under the authority of the FDA even knows what an adverse event is. 

Jane Akre has written content for attorneys for many years. So the content focuses on bringing potential injured patients to hire attorneys. 

Jane Akre operates an "illegal lawyer referral service' as she is not registered with the Florida Bar Association as such. 

 Search Engine Optimization is 31%.

Social Shares on Facebook:   850 in 6 1/2 years. 

Her primary audience is the United States. 

Passion drives the message. Jane Akre has no message. 

Truth is I almost did not write this post because it is so boring. But the mesh injured audience she caters to needs to understand the reason there is no major U.S. coverage. 

The lack of passion to even develop the most basic search engine optimization (SEO) to drive readers to the site is not there. 

And while Jane Akre has less than nice things to say about me, she still has content about me because some of her 31% SEO coverage relates to my name used as a tag. 

Patient Advocate Lana Keeton Sues J&J, FDA for Criminal Obstruction of Justice – Dead Women Matter!

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |
Lana Keeton has probably done more to bring awareness of the pelvic mesh mess than any single individual. She has spoken to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), held rallies in Washington, D.C., testified to the expert panel convened to discuss transvaginal mesh in September 2011. Having worked within the system for so long, [continue reading…]

Keeton and the FDA Conspiracy Concerning Pelvic Mesh

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |
MND, August 3, 2015 ~ Lana Keeton seeks compensatory damages of $7 million and punitive damages of $21 million from J&J, the FDA, its lawyers and employees. This story is continued from Part One. She’s a tough talking Texan given to accolades to the above, “This is God’s purpose for me. He perfectly prepared [continue reading…]


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