Thursday, April 3, 2014


65,000 cases filed in the MDL's in West Virginia. Thousands more filed in state courts across the U.S., in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Scotland and the U.K. So what does the national or international press have to say about this? NOTHING! No conversation about the travesty of a health system which pays doctors to harm women with horribly unsafe medical devices...polypropylene (and other polymers) used to make vaginal implants for incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Except for a few little known websites, blogs and facebook pages, there is nothing, absolutely nothing. If there is news, it talks about THE LOSSES OF THE COMPANIES. And the little known websites, blogs and facebook pages....what do they have to say? That these women are angry, emotional victims. Makes me want to throw up. I am a severely mesh injured woman. Years of surgeries, bankruptcy, homelessness, hunger. DO NOT CALL ME "an emotional, angry victim". I am a very intelligent, educated, hard working successful injured woman! Just like hundreds of thousands of other women, I was (and am) a pawn of the health system and criminally assaulted while I was under anesthesia by the implantation of Ethicon's Gynecare TVT Prolene (polypropylene)synthetic bladder sling, a filthy piece of petroleum waste by-product. Never call me a "VICTIM"! Never say I am "SUFFERING IN SILENCE"! I am not defined by my injury. I am not defined by others. I am a child of God. I am the daughter of Kenneth and Sarah Keeton! I AM A VICTOR!!