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A PEAK INTO THE LIVES OF THE 13,000 ABANDONED WOMEN "NON-REVISION" #MESH PLAINTIFFS FORCED TO BE BUTCHERED (PTO#293 SIGNED BY JUDGE GOODWIN IN U.S.DIST.CT. WVA) OR LOSE LEGAL REPRESENTATION “THE DAILY DROP” The Legal Cartel: Facts, Rumors & Innuendoes by Lana C. Keeton, Med Device Expert LLC . Legal Consultant . Medical Device Expert © 2005 - 2018 Lana C. Keeton All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed Volume 1, Issue 5 June 22, 2018

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 Volume 1, Issue 5 June 22, 2018



A former ER Nurse at Baylor Hospital, a former Urgent Care Nurse at GMC, an HMO, a former Coronary Care at Rowan Hospital, Former General Manager at Hilton Hotel Corporation

Here’s the word on Facebook… From DOTTIE GRIGGS, just one woman among thousands, who are furious with Pretrial Order 293 and denial of her rights to a trial by her own attorneys. Even the famous amazing surgeon DR. SHLOMO RAZ, who consulted with her will not operate on DOTTIE GRIGGS. Maybe the Plaintiffs Attorneys Steering Committee does not know how to prosecute a “Non-Revision” Plaintiff  case but this “Non-Revision” Plaintiff  does.

a Really Smart Mesh Injured Woman
(reprinted with her permission)

“I want to know when the judge in WV also obtained his medical degree in urology and gynecology. He is not an expert at medical, his specialty is supposed to be the law.

However, as we can all see the scales of justice do not set balanced. There are a number of reasons people who need surgery for mesh removal can't have it.
 Number #1 reason look at the number of patients that need it and the number of qualified 
 physicians that have the skills to perform it.

#2. Look at the # of Doc's who denied there being any such problem for so many years.
#3 Distance, how do the patients all afford to get to these doctors that have the skills, we
don’t all have money trees growing in our backyard. Or an attorneys, doctors, or judges

#4 Why in the world is the sick patient having to bare all the responsibility to begin with.
The Manufactures knew this was going to cause people problems they just did not know
how soon . Admitted in their 2007 annual meeting of AUGS, in addition to it was still in
experimental stages and should not have been billed. No data had been submitted during
those years tracking the patients. To bill was a FELONY, to send the bill through the mail
was a FEDERAL OFFENSE, also a felony.

# 5. When F.D.A. recalled the first implant kit approved, did they not have sense enough
to STOP the other like ones from going to market, rather than grandfathered them in
510K. I have been to multiple doctors seeking help during 12 years, i have been blown
off, lied to, humiliated, given narcotic prescriptions, given help no. Not even by one of
the Most Renowned Doc's in this field. Now I am told I am in too bad of conditions, that
maybe another specialist could do something.

How many years how many doctors does one go to? You’re sick or you wouldn’t be
going to start with, this is not a world travel adventure.

Women/men have had from no surgeries after implant suffering to 20 and I believe I
heard 45 surgeries. My body is damaged. I have multiple complications. 

I am going to die from it. 
Or get lucky and get hit by a bus. 
But for a Judge, any Judge, 
to determine 
the worth of our Vagina 
and the rest of our health 
on the # of surgeries is wrong.

What is right? It’s for the manufactures and the FDA to accept responsibility. Set up a
hospital for treatment, get some doctors trained in removal and help us. The cost is on the
manufacturers, FDA, original doctor and hospital doing the implanting. The patient still
receives equal settlement the same for all, we’re not Call Girls one getting $100 a night
and another $5k.

You can't award one woman $15K for injuries and another $54 million, plus her husband.
What those of us not married didn’t lose consortium? Well I hope all remember the song
“I Can't Get No Satisfaction ". That’s what’s been done mutilation and pain.

The only people gaining anything at the cost of our health,The Courts they get a % of every claim. The attorneys both sides. And why in God’s name would we be paying an insurance company that performed surgery on many of us without our knowledge, if they had stolen our kidney, would we pay insurance for that. All the following care needed because of something that should not have been on the market and harmed us, get real.

That’s like hiring a hit man and paying him two times before and after.”


Over 13,000 "Non-Revision Plaintiffs" who were dismissed without prejudice can probably thank Henry Garrard III of Blasingame, Burch,Garrard & Ashley and Fred Thompson & Joseph Rice of Motley Rice and Bryan Aylstock of Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz.

These men have been for decades the perpetual lead counsel / plaintiffs steering committee of various monstrous Multidistrict Litigations (mesh, asbestos, tobacco, 9/11, etc.). They, and/or others in their firms, are also the plaintiff’s steering committee in multidistrict litigations for Ethicon Physiomesh and Atrium C-Qur. They should all immediately resign from their positions on the plaintiffs steering committee of Ethicon Physiomesh and Atrium C-qur for conflict of interest in not fully prosecuting these 13,000 women’s cases.

So how do we remedy another potential 13,000 “Non-Revision” Plaintiffs in the Multidistrict Litigations for Ethicon Physiomesh and/or Atrium C-Qur if these men do not resign? Add new qualifications, not a part of the current member of the “Good Ole Boys/Girls Club” qualification, to the current ones.

The current method of determining who will serve on the Plaintiffs Steering Committees for MDL and Class Action lawsuits has to change. The rules for nominating Plaintiffs Steering Committees have to include the following additional investigation of these powerful few men and women attorneys who control the destiny of  hundreds of thousands of Plaintiffs across the United States in the United States Court System:
1)      Forensic accounting of finances of Lead and Co-Lead counsel to determine they have actually paid their previous clients all the money they are owed and are actually financially stable.

2)      A psychological evaluation to eliminate the potential narcissist and/or sociopath.

3)      Drug testing to prevent drug addicted attorneys holding these positions of power

4)      Are there conflicts of interest with their current case load, as in the current situation between 13,000 “Non-Revision Plaintiffs and the new Hernia Mesh Plaintiffs for Ethicon Physiomesh and Atrium C-Qur?

The confidentiality demanded by Defendants, and agreed to by Plaintiff’s Attorneys Steering Committee, in order to settle claims for hundreds of millions of dollars must see the light of day to stop the Three C’s: the very likely collusion, corruption and conspiracy.

The philosophy of the powerful few: 
“Don’t Kill the Company”
To perpetuate the power and positions of 
the Repeat Entrenched Players 
and their Repeat Entrenched Law Firms 
in massive multidistrict litigations for decades

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