Thursday, May 8, 2014


DEAR MESH PLAINTIFFS SUING AMERICAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS, Please do not base your decisions to settle, or not to settle, on anonymous comments on the internet. Anonymous comments could well be posted by an industry plant trying to cause problems for all plaintiffs in the settlement. Please do not make any decisions without all of the facts in your own case. Talk to your attorney and then make your own decision based on what is best for you personally. No one, anonymous or not, commenting on the internet is going to put a roof over your head, clothes on your back or food on your table. None of us mesh injured patients, whether implanted for pelvic organ prolapse, bladder suspension or hernia repair, have been protected by the companies, the FDA, our doctors, the health care system or the legal system primarily because the laws are antiquated and not enforced by the FDA. Our health and legal systems are in serious need of overhaul so that unsafe medical devices are not placed in the stream of commerce to harm unsuspecting patients to begin with. No one on the internet will make you whole or make you well. Look inward to who you are and draw strength from God to find solutions within your own power to make the best of the mesh nightmare you are living. You are horribly injured, and it is very difficult, but try not to let mesh steal your life completely. There is hope! God loves you! Blessings, Lana