Saturday, September 6, 2014


“Huskey v. Ethicon Inc.”… $3.27 million verdict for Plaintiff’s Jo and Allen Huskey!

The verdict is substantial for the Huskeys, and fair, even to Ethicon. Ethicon will not be getting the award reduced on appeal because it is a fair amount.

What is not fair is that Jo and Allen Huskey will live the rest of their lives together (hopefully) but will never be able to be intimate again. Disgraceful that a company profits from stealing this couple’s intimacy, a God given joy.

And that Jo Huskey will no longer be able to participate in her own life as the productive member of society she once was. Mesh is a horrific life sentence that no one who does not have mesh implanted will ever be able to understand. The pain is excruciating and unrelenting. No human should ever have to suffer like Jo Huskey is suffering.

This is a real win for other cases pending in In RE: Ethicon, Inc., Pelvic Repair System Products Liability Litigation MDL No. 02327.

A win on Design Defect, Failure to Warn and Negligence affects and helps TVT-O cases everywhere. It will stand as a precedent and also positively impact a lot Ethicon plaintiffs. (The facts of the individual case and the venue where the suit is filed always has to be taken into consideration before the facts of the Huskey case apply.)
I commend Ed Wallace, Wexler Wallace, Chicago, IL and Fidelma Fitzpatrick, Motley Rice, RI for their prosecution of the case and all those who assisted the trial team.
The Linda Gross win was good but they did not prove design defect. Great that Ms. Gross won but her win was not transferable to other cases. The facts of this win translate to other cases! Praise God!

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