Monday, December 31, 2012


11 years and 10 days ago, December 21, 2001, an unscrupulous doctor, Dr. Bernard Cantor, implanted a piece of polypropylene, a Gynecare TVT Prolene bladder sling, in me without my knowledge or informed consent. I had never heard of a medical device but now i had one in me.

Since that time my life has revolved around dealing with the complications, surgeries, physical pain, financial cost, loss of my home and suffered countless indignations as I saw doctor after doctor after doctor. And attorney after attorney after attorney.

Navigating the insanity of a permanently implanted filthy piece of petroleum waste byproduct inside your body is awful. At the same time, I decided to use what I learned from my journey to help others. That too has been gut wrenching.

Not to mention how the health system and the legal system profited off of myself and thousands and thousands of other innocent victims. And continue to profit, day after day after day. I wish I did not have such a full realization of how many unscrupulous doctors and attorneys profit off myself and others year after year after year.

Injustice reigns in our "civilized" society. Not sure 2013 will be much better but I am happy to say "Goodbye 2012"!

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Abhijith Ds said...

It is really to awful to know that your life has changed due to the medical imperfections. Do you strongly believe that usage of the prolene is the main cause for defects or sickness in your body?